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New LED Light Lash Extension Curing System is here!

Introducing Luxury Lash Academy™ Visionary Led Light Lash Extension System This Revolutionary system Utilizes LED visible light to cure adhesive.

  • · Developed by Scientists and Engineers.
  • · EU and ISO Certified.
  • · Photobiological lamps safety tested.
  • · Non irritating.
  • · Glue vapors do not re activate in water.
  • · 2 drops of glue per procedure.
  • · Temperature & Humidity are not an issue.

The device has been tested for safety standards and has been measured by the European photobiological safety of lamps and lamp systems. The strict requirements evaluate potential risk associated with exposure to optical radiation emitted by lamps and lamp systems. 400 times safer than looking at the sun for 2 seconds. Great for people who have never been a candidate for lash extensions.

Compliance with these standards ensures that these products are designed and manufactured minimizing the risk of photobiological hazards that protects the health and safety of the technician and your clients. Understanding the Difference Between UV Therapy and LED Therapy for Eyelash Extensions When it comes to eyelash extension application LED therapy is the safer and more appropriate choice compared to UV therapy. LED light does not emit any harmful UV radiation, making it gentle, versatile, and effective for enhancing the overall eyelash extension experience.