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Why Hybrid Lash Extensions are Key for a Natural Look


Hybrid extensions are when you apply a mix of multiple strands of 'volume' and 'classic' extensions to the natural lashes" To sum it up, it's a process that involves combining a "hybrid" of two techniques (and lash extensions types) to achieve a fuller-looking result compared to using classic lash extensions, alone. Hybrid lashes are unique in the sense that they will give you both length and volume while still maintaining a soft, romantic feel.

Hybrid lash extensions can also be quite effective at filling in gaps in the natural lashes, while classic lash extensions can oftentimes exaggerate sparse areas. Because hybrid lashes involve applying multiple extensions to a single lash, they create the illusion of more lashes in that given area, rather than just making your existing lashes look longer and darker.

The process of applying hybrid lashes is quite straightforward, but what about the difference between classic lash extensions and hybrids? 

Regular extensions are applied individually to each natural eyelash. These lashes usually measure .15.-.20 mm in width. When applying hybrid volume lashes, multiple extensions are applied per each natural lash and these strands vary in sizes from .03-.07 mm in width. Typically, anywhere from three to six strands are applied per natural lash to add volume.

Because hybrid lashes involve applying multiple extensions per natural lash, the process tends to take a bit longer than classic extensions (anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour longer). But other than that, the application process, preparation, and aftercare is all the same.

Compared to classic lash extensions, they'll create a more glam, voluminous look that creates the illusion of soft, fluttery lashes.

Our Instructor Paige Conner adds "They Give a softer look versus classic lashes because the hybrid fans can fill in some of the spaces that classic lashes don’t always fill-in, and it hides calyx that also can be inside your lashes. The thing about hybrid lashes is that it’s a softer effect than straight volume so I can admit more of a fluffy, soft and fluttery look"



Source Byrdie