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22 Years of Experience Exclusively in Lash Extensions

LASH Con was Huge sucess! (Event Photos)

Luxury Lash Academy had an absolutely fantastic time at the Lash Con event, where we had the incredible opportunity to forge meaningful connections with our esteemed peers and cherished customers. The event served as the perfect backdrop for us to share our unwavering dedication to the art of lash extensions, while also allowing us to cultivate invaluable relationships within the industry. As we engaged with lash artists, instructors, and lash enthusiasts, we found ourselves enveloped in an atmosphere of creativity, innovation, and shared dreams, reaffirming our deep commitment to enhancing natural beauty through lash extensions.



One of the crowning moments of our experience at Lash Con was the unveiling of our groundbreaking innovative LED Light Lash Extension Curing System. This cutting-edge technology represents a fresh and efficient approach to lash extension application, promising to deliver improved results and unmatched client comfort. Our system harnesses the power of LED light to quickly and evenly cure the lash adhesive, resulting in reduced application time and a rock-solid bond. Not only does this innovation simplify the process for our lash technicians, but it also elevates the overall client experience. The introduction of this revolutionary technology made a lasting impression at the event, solidifying Luxury Lash Academy's reputation as a forward-thinking industry leader deeply dedicated to both the art and science of lash extensions.