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Breaking Down the Lash Lingo: A Glossary for Extension Enthusiasts

Welcome, lash enthusiasts! If you've ever found yourself in a sea of lash extension terminology and felt a bit lost, fear not. In this comprehensive guide, we're breaking down the lash lingo to empower you with the knowledge needed to communicate effectively with your lash technician and achieve the lashes of your dreams.

1. Classic Lashes:

Definition: Classic lashes involve attaching a single extension to each natural lash. This timeless technique enhances length and darkness for a subtle, natural look.

2. Volume Lashes:

Definition: Volume lashes use multiple lightweight extensions applied to a single natural lash, creating a fuller, more dramatic effect. Perfect for those who crave a bolder appearance.

3. Lash Mapping:

Definition: Lash mapping is the art of customizing lash extensions based on your unique eye shape and desired look. Technicians strategically place extensions to enhance your natural features.

4. Curl Types:

  • J Curl: A gentle, natural curl.
  • C Curl: A more pronounced curl for added drama.
  • D Curl: The most dramatic curl, providing a glamorous effect.

5. Infills:

Definition: Infills are touch-up appointments to maintain the fullness of your lash extensions. Scheduled regularly, they keep your lashes looking fresh and fabulous.

6. Lash Shedding:

Definition: The natural process of losing a few lashes each day. Understanding lash shedding helps manage expectations and promotes proper aftercare.

7. Hybrid Lashes:

Definition: Hybrid lashes combine classic and volume techniques for a versatile look, providing the best of both worlds.

8. Retention:

Definition: Refers to how well the extensions adhere to your natural lashes. Good retention ensures long-lasting, beautiful lashes between infill appointments.

9. Adhesive:

Definition: The glue used to attach lash extensions to natural lashes. Different adhesives have varying drying times and strengths.

10. Isolation:

Definition: The meticulous process of carefully separating each individual natural lash before applying an extension. This crucial step ensures that each extension is precisely attached to a single, isolated natural lash. Proper isolation not only contributes to the overall aesthetics of the lash set but also prevents lashes from sticking together, resulting in a clean and comfortable application.

11. Fan:

Definition: A "fan" refers to a group of volume lash extensions created by skillfully fanning out multiple lashes. Lash technicians use specialized techniques to form these fans, allowing for the attachment of several extensions to a single natural lash. Fans are instrumental in achieving a lush, full appearance, and their creation requires precision and artistry. The type of fan—whether it's a 2D fan (two lashes), 3D fan (three lashes), and so forth—impacts the volume and density of the lash set, providing a customized and glamorous result.


Armed with this glossary, you'll confidently navigate your next lash appointment. Feel free to discuss your preferences with your lash technician using the newfound knowledge of lash terminology. Have questions or want more insights? Drop them in the comments below, and let's dive deeper into the world of lashes together!