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2022 Eyelash Trends and Predictions for 20233

Lets take a look to the current and future Eyelash Trends


Our Hybrid set from the previous two years is a keeper! The ideal synthesis of traditional and volume lashes is hybrid makeup. They offer volume and form that are difficult to accomplish with classic lashes by themselves, yet they take less time to apply than the full volume set.


Customers kept asking for things to be heavier and longer. The 20th century's most misunderstood musical technique was Russian Volume. Short, dense, curly, homemade was the loud and unmistakable cry of the Russians. Australians yelled louder, saying things were longer, thicker, curlier, messier, faster, and cheaper. Many natural lashes were damaged as a result of a lack of training in Australia and the belief that volume meant long and thick. We aim to return to the original purpose of Russian Volume: Handmade, short, curled, and dense lashes that are frequently shorter than natural lashes For the best line, layer your sets. An M, L, or V-curl for a lovely winged style is popular for 2022.


Some customers desire to have an expressive flair that can only be achieved by blending different diameters, curls, and lengths of eyelashes. This enables you to achieve a feathery appearance that is beautiful and natural-looking. In 2022, textured, natural lashes will be in style.



A pop of color is highly sought after these days. So we are sure we will see more of this trend in 2022.