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Lash Training


En Luxury Lash Academy no encontrará trucos que representen ejemplos poco realistas para sus clientes.

Lo que encontrará es que: Nuestras clases de capacitación se crearon utilizando los procedimientos más avanzados e innovadores. en la industria hoy. Una cosa que no verá en Luxury Lash Academy es un salón de clases repleto de gente. Estamos dedicados a mantener nuestras clases pequeñas. Esto asegurará la atención personal a los detalles para cada estudiante. Nuestras características clave que nos diferencian de otras academias son:

• Estrategias comerciales dinámicas.
• Tutoría 1 a 1.
• Soporte de por vida.

Nuestros cursos de valor agregado permiten a nuestros estudiantes ofrecer servicios que generarán ingresos adicionales mientras mantienen a los clientes eufóricos. Capacitamos a nuestros estudiantes para gestionar las expectativas de los clientes al elegir el servicio correcto sin comprometer la integridad. Ofrecemos clases de Classroom y Zoom disponibles.

Classic Two-day Lash Course

Our in-house CLASSIC course teaches not only
traditional classic lashing but incudes:

• The Skin.
• Hygiene: Covid and Safety Protocols.
• Lash theory.
• Tools of the Trade.
• Adhesives and how they work.
• Lash Designing.
• Systematic placement (Maximizing Speed).
• Lash Lift and Tint.
• Cluster Lashes.
• Home After Care.
• Troubleshooting and Corrective Work.
• Application/Removal.
• Maintenance and Touch-ups.
• Hands on training on a variety of models.
• How to market yourself.
• Dynamic Business Strategies.



Day One: Rest of the payment is due before class begins. Day one includes an in depth overview of Luxury Lash Manual and hands-on application exercises on a mannequin. Then we move forward with your first guest and lash model! Also included and not limited to: manual overview, class discussion, group exercises, mannequin exercises, and hands-on application with Luxury Lash models.

Day Two: On the second day of training, we will review the manual and work on live models. Students get to either stay with one model or work on different models depending on the pace of the class. Model appointments will be approximately 2-3 hours. Lunch and light refreshments will be provided on both days.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact our office. We look forward to meeting you and a great class!


DAY ONE Schedule.


- Eyelash Extensions

- Anatomy

- Types of Eyelash Extensions

- Adhesives and Products

- Getting Started (Materials)

- Assessing the Client

- Technique- Luxury Lash Method

- Mannequin Application Exercises


- Work on Luxury Lash Models

Class Discussion

- Service Troubleshooting
- Individual critiques

DAY TWO Schedule.

- Recap of Day One
- Removal

- Work on Luxury Lash Models
- Lash Perm Demonstration
- Cluster Lash Demonstration

Class Discussion
- Marketing
- Licensing
- Insurance
- Lash Boss:
How to run your business!

CONGRATULATIONS! Student certifications, kits, and pictures!

Luxury Lash Artist Kit

The Beginner Kit Includes: Eyelash trays, adhesive, fumeless adhesive, tweezers, remover, under eye pads, under eye tape, doe foot, glue rings, micro brushes, eyelash ring, mascara wands, sponges, eyelash holder.

Complementary Day

With a complimentary third day. At a day of your choosing, come to our studio to shadow one of our master lash artists. Assist for the day with set up procedures and day-to-day operations to experience how a successful lash business grows.

This is extremely beneficial for our students and will reinforce learning. Cost: 1,200

1 Day Volume Lashes Course

Volume lashes are the newest addition to our curriculum. This course is for the professional who already has proficiency in lash extensions. Please note this is not for the beginner and documentation is needed prior to class to attend. Cost: $950


Coming Soon: Training the Trainer Course.

Designed for those students who have excelled in the field and want something more. We offer a training program that will accelerate your career path. Learn from the masters to create your own training center with Luxury Lash Academy as a partner.

Our Commitment to your Success

Our Alumni are welcome to shadow our master lash extensionists so they can succeed With confidence.

We know you have a choice when it comes to education and career development. we cordially invite you to choose a company With over 18 years experience in lash extensions exclusively. We have seen the evolution of this spectacular field grow and become the fastest growing segment in the beauty industry. Please don't delay! Let Luxury Lash Academy help you realize your spectacular potential within.