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Zoom Luxury Lash LED Light Lash GLUE

Luxury Lash LED Light Lash GLUE

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LED adhesive is used only with Luxury Lash LED Lash Extension System if purchased and not used with our system we cannot guarantee that the adhesive will work using a different system.

Luxury Lash Led Glue 5ml - The glue cures in 1-2 seconds with Luxury Lash Led Flex Device. A thin layer of glue ensures fast and maximum adhesion and a non-sticky result. Eyelashes never stick together again! Drying time 1-2 sec. Apply small drop of glue to dry glue plate. Dip½ of the lash extension into the glue, so that the glue is spread equally and connect it 0, 1 -0,2 mm from the eyelid to the real eyelash and cure the glue with a Luxury Lash Led Flex Device.

Led Glue Ingredients:

A. Ethyl-2 Cyanocrylate

B. Bis-Trimethylbenzoyl, Phenyphosphine Oxide

C. Polymethyl Mehtacrylate


Luxury Lash LED Light Lash GLUE


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