Workshop Descriptions

Our training classes were created using the most advanced and innovative procedures in the industry today. One thing you will not see at Luxury Lash Academy, is a classroom full of people. We are dedicated in keeping our classes small. This will ensure personal attention to detail for each student.

To receive most out of Luxury Lash Academy’s training, we have a variety of choices that fit everyone’s needs.

Two-day Intensive Class With Certification

Our two-day course begins with a recap of the prior day. Hands on training with advanced techniques such as:

  • Systematic placement (maximizing speed)
  • Home After Care
  • Building (stacking)
  • Corrective work
  • Brow Shaping
  • Lash Designing
  • Theory
  • Tools
  • Hygiene
  • Application/Removal
  • How to market yourself
  • Adhesives and how they work and break down
  • Maintenance and touch ups
  • Components of Adhesives
  • Hands on training on a variety of models
With a complimentary third day.  At a day of your choosing, come to our studio to shadow one of our master lash artists.  Assist for the day with set up procedures and day-to-day operations to experience how a successful lash business grows.  This is extremely beneficial for our students and will reinforce learning.
Cost: $1,200


1 Day Volume Lashes Course

3b24cae6-8a3e-472c-add9-25c8cbe2bd67Volume lashes are the newest addition to our curriculum. This course is for the professional who already has proficiancy in lash extensions. Please note this is not for the beginner and documentation is needed prior to class to attend.Cost: $950

Coming soon: Training the trainer course.

This is designed for those students who have excelled in the field and want something more. We offer a training program that will accelerate your career path. Learn from the Masters to create your own training center with Luxury Lash Academy as a partner.

Our Commitment To Your Success

Our Alumni are welcome to shadow our master lash extensionists so they can succeed with confidence.

We know you have a choice when it comes to education and career development. We cordially invite you to choose a company with over 14 years experience in lash extensions exclusively. We have seen the evolution of this spectacular field grow and become the fastest growing segment in the beauty industry. Please don’t delay! Let Luxury Lash Academy help you realize your spectacular potential within.

Please remember if you are passionate about something it will give you boundless energy.

Doing something you despise cannot fulfill your Destiny.  And if you are passionate about what you do, you have a great advantage over others: Because one person with passion has a greater capacity to succeed than 99 % who have only an interest.